Modular Gear Project // Blog#002 Transformable shoulder/ waist bag?

Urban daily lifestyle usually involves taking your camera with you, taking causal snaps on the streets, or with your loved ones, enjoying a lovely day commuting through.

To capture that moment, you want to be able to access your camera quickest way possible, but you don’t want to just let it out and exposed on your shoulder; you want to protect your precious lenses, but you don’t want that unloading-backpack-zip-open-and-close clumsy hassles.

Having a bag that is switchable, transformable between a shoulder bag and a waist bag is precisely THE purpose of us designing our all-time best seller, to provide an alternate options.

The bag itself includes 5 outer compartments + 1 inner compartment with waterproof zippers, durable, and dynamic. 


Sometimes, maybe most of the time, 2 is always better than 1; and in this case, 2-ways is definitely better than 1-way.



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October 25, 2020 — Chun Yin LI