Adaptive. Dynamic. Versatile. Performance. 
The 4 core elements that shaped the fundamental spirit of the brand's interpretation on the technical wearables phenomenon.
M.G.P. - acronym for Modular Gear Project, is a never-ending exploration, challenges the possibilities and boundaries of technical functional wearables.
Heavily influenced by military, mountaineering and commuting gears, 
the incorporation of modularity and performance maintenance are the essential to our design executions. 
We work with industry-renowned fabrics and trims suppliers to provide quality-promising materials, along with our specialist manufactures, we are committed to deliver products with high-quality craftsmanship. 
With our vision and core values in mind, we are offering creations that provide great quality options to create and customise unique combinations of wearables and gears - be equipped with necessary protection without mobility restrictions, maximising practicality, functionality, and versatility.