Adaptive. Dynamic. Versatile. Performance. 
The 4 elements shaped the fundamental spirit of how the brand interpret the techwear phenomenon.
M.G.P. - acronym of Modular Gear Project, is a never-ending exploration,challenges the possibilities and boundaries of technical functional wearables.
Heavily influenced by military, mountaineering, and commuting gear, 
modularity and performance maintenance are the essentials in our design executions. 
We work with industry-renowned fabrics and trims suppliers to provide quality-promising materials, infusing details with a range of removable carabiners compatible with MOLLE System, in addition to our experienced manufactures, we are able to deliver our core values with high-standard craftsmanships in every products. 
Therefore, our product users are being provided with great options to customise and create theirvery own combinations of wearables and gears, through maximising practicality, functionality, andversatility, at the same time equipped with necessary protection and avoid restricting mobility