Modular Gear Project // Blog#003 Latest drop using Fidlock

Why did we use Fidlock on our designs?

Whether you’re biking through the city, commuting on your feet, or getting ready for a flight journey, a versatile messenger bag is always an un-ignore-able alternative from a backpack, for quicker access to your personal belongings, and of course, in most cases, more stylish.

But what factors can make one particular messenger bag even better? 

To align with our philosophy, we have to have more than one function on every feature we put on our designs. 

Fidlock makes the perfect option for us - Fidlock SNAP. It is strong and ideally suited for application areas which require hard-wearing fasteners with uniquely easy operation.

Placing it at the cover of our messenger bag, it’s lightweight-ness and compact characteristic makes it almost invisible, provided rooms for the roll-top and un-folding bag main cover design, while maintaining the sleekness and performance without unnecessary bulky-ness.

Combining with essential features of the bag itself, such as 1 main compartments with laptop section able to hold a 15 inch laptop, plus 3 easy access outer storage, and 2 inner pockets, not to mention MOLLE system allowing user to customise with P-series, maximising the versatile performance of the product.

That we believe, makes our messenger bag much better.




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October 25, 2020 — Chun Yin LI