Fishtail parka was first introduced in 1950 during the Korean War. For example M-51 and the M-65 were standardised from the 1950’s, where the “M” stands for “Model”, following by the numbers are the year they were introduced, primarily designed for combat arms forces to be worn over other layers of clothing therefore all the vintage M-series parkas are huge so militaries could wore them over battle dress and other layers or gears.
The O21-M65 is a revival piece from the classic M-1965 fishtail parka. The shell fabric - ‘BREATHATEC’, a 3 layers laminated membrane that has excellent performance for waterproofness and moisture permeability, able to further enhance the item overall performance, also featuring a 3M insulated linear jacket with another detachable hood with the same insulation 
While modifications were made to achieve a more modern cutting and fit, but still exhibiting its most notable feature which is the massive detachable hood able to worn over a helmet, and keeping the attaching system as close as the original, having 4 nylon webbing connected buttons, where they are also use for connecting the hood of the linear insulated jacket. Velcro placement on the outer flap of the parka hood is another feature that is kept as close to the classic, allowing front collar closure to maintain body temperature.
The same hood-attaching system can also be seen on O21-B15, also in future releases where the M65 hood can be able to attach to.
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September 21, 2022 — Chun Yin LI