A21-BCH - Asymmetrical Bucket Hat a.k.a. The Sou’wester Hat.
The Sou’wester Hat was a traditional headwear popular in the 19th century. Coats for fishermen during that time did not have hoods, reason being was to avoid limiting fishermen’s view which would lead to accident. Sou’wester Hat was designed to keep the rain off their faces and especially the neck with its long flap at the rear, to act the function of a hood without compromising vision. And at the front of the hat originally was a roll-up brim, which acted as a gutter to catch rain preventing water from running down the face. 
Our A21-BCH - Asymmetrical Bucket Hat is a hybrid of the Sou’wester which is visually significant with the long flap at the rear with a detachable desert hat face cover, with mesh panel across both sides provide breathability. The hat also featured a buckled-strap coming down from both sides of the inner rim to under the wearer’s chin, prevent the hat getting blown off by strong wind.
This feature can also usually be seen on surfing hats. The material we used on this item is a 55D High-density Water Repellent Nylon fabric, its light weight characteristic is a best match for the hat’s complex structure, perfect for outdoor activities with its DWR coated surface.
The A21-BCH is the first ever piece of item that the pattern making and fitting process were developed using 3D clothing software - #clo3d - Where we were able to create, alter and manipulate the pattern, the shape and the form of the hat, create 3D simulation with precise structure and sizing before producing the physical sample.
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September 21, 2022 — Chun Yin LI