Modular Gear Project // Blog#001 - Modularity & Cyberpunk

Our goal is to create wearable gears that challenge the boundary of Techwear; enhancing functionality, performance, and adaptivity.

But, Modularity and Cyberpunk?

It is very common to see characters in sci-fi movies having robotic limbs or torso, where they can change parts anytime when needed an upgrade, when broken or to add-on new equipped parts.

That’s how we imagine our future world, everyone is a cyborg. Like the recently released movie ALITA is a very good example, a whole body is changeable; the soon-to-release Cyberpunk 2077, fully base on a future cyberpunk world video game where characters are all half-human half-robots.

But what has it got to do with modular gear or clothing?

Modularity is about removable parts or equipments to be modularly equipped depending on the users preferences or environment requirement, e.g. military goods. In the cyberpunk future world, dystopian high-tech low life. Everyone is at war, ready for combats just to make a living or survive. Hence the spirit of modularity becomes very popular and infinitely expand in all Cyberpunk scene, and it makes so much sense when seeing a cyborg with his modular robotic arm.

So its futuristic, tactical. It’s about functions, performances, and adaptivity. To be flexibly equipped base on needs.

We don’t encounter combats that frequently in our modern world, we are not at war (not physically). But functionality is becoming essential to everyone’s daily routine, especially the variety of activities we’d be potentially achieve. More and more people are moving outdoor, to hike, to the woods, to the lake. It’s becoming a must to have a bag that can transform, a piece of clothing that can protect you.

With the use of MOLLE System, Velcro®, Removable Clips and Buckles, our bags, pockets, and gears are compatible to attach and compliment each other. Adaptive, dynamic and versatile gear.


April 18, 2019 — Chun Yin LI